Meeting & Practice Schedule

**Reminder: USA Water Ski Membership (Insurance) Required to Practice. Sign up here.**

  • Sunday, June 30th - Practice at 8am

  • Wednesday, July 3rd - Practice and pot luck @ at 6pm. Meeting to follow

  • Friday, July 5th - WFSB spot filming - report at 8:45 am

  • Sunday, July 7th - Practice at 8am

  • Wednesday, July 10th - - Practice and pot luck @ 6pm. Meeting to follow

  • Sunday, July 14th - Practice at 8am

  • Wednesday, July 17th - Practice and pot luck @ 6pm. Meeting to follow

  • Sunday, July 21st - Practice at 8am

  • Wednesday, July 24th - Practice and pot luck @ 6pm. Meeting to follow

  • Sunday, July 28th - Practice at 8am

  • Wednesday, July 31st - Practice and pot luck @ 6pm. Meeting to follow…last meeting before the show!

  • Friday, August 2nd – 5pm @ Sandy Beach for practice and show set up

  • Post show Drivers Clinic- skiers needed. Date TBD


4th of July

The Ski Club will be holding a 4th of July ski at noon. Wear your red, white and blue and meet us at the club to be a part of this annual tradition. 


Ski Show Information & FAQ

Dress Rehearsal:
Friday, August 2nd, 2019: EVERYONE TO THE BEACH FOR A RUN OF THE SHOW at 5:00p.m.
*If you are in a small/individual act please practice on your own time so that you are ready for the show

We need 5 boats per practice. Everyone needs to help out with this. We will have a driver sign up list. Please let us know which dates work for you. Take a look at what is practicing and if you have kids coming to practices, you should be there with your boat to help out.

Things to Bring to the Show:
Mark all your belongings with a sharpie!!! PLAIN BLACK BATHING SUIT if you are a skier, ski gloves, climbing tights, life vest, BLSC T shirt (we will take group photo after show sunday), towel, lunch, water, laundry basket or bin to keep your stuff in, sharpie or permanent marker, hangers for costumes, sunscreen, marine radio, sunglasses, hat

We will need people to start signing up for the gate (2 people), parking (4 people), selling raffle tickets (6 people), people to help clear skis from the water (4 people who are not skiing in the show), rope winders (at least 4 people, we will show you the proper way to wrap the wind the ropes!). Keep in mind, you may sign up for more than one job.

Please note: parking committee must be at the beach by 9:00AM on both mornings. 
Sunday morning: clean-up crew must be there by 9:00AM to make sure beach is clean and orderly. 

Please refrain from opening these bins and pulling anything out as there is some organization to them. Mice are always a problem and we would like to preserve our costumes as best we can.

Reminder for ski show days: One piece black bathing suits for girls/women. plain black swim trunks for boys/men. To be worn along with ski show T shirts. The idea is that we all look somewhat uniform on the beach whether or not we are skiers in the show and any bathing suits peeking out from costumes during the show will at least be limited to one color for a more professional look.

If you have black suits that your children have grown out of they can be left in the clubhouse on top of one of the costume bins. The little girl sizes in one piece black suits are particularly hard to find and may help out another family.

Costumes will be checked out at the final Friday night practice at Sandy Beach on August 2nd. Come see Kelly at the beach hut for your costume(s). Bring some hangers and/or a laundry basket to the ski show so that your costume can be hung up between acts if necessary and you have a place to deposit your stuff (DO NOT write your name on any costume; however, do write your name on ALL your other stuff) Make sure your costume looks good for Sunday after Saturday's show- as in take it home, rinse it by hand and hang it to dry for Sunday.. After Sunday's show all costumes are to be checked back in with Kelly at the hut. Each family will be assessed a fee if the costumes are not returned.


  • Everyone needs a current active membership with AWSA

  • Everyone needs to be a member of the Bantam Lake Protective Association

  • All GIRLS/WOMEN need a 1 piece black bathing suit (and nude tights (NOT NYLONS!) if you have someone climbing on you.)

  • ALL BOYS/MEN need black swim trunks.

  • Please let the director know if you are using any club equipment so it can be coordinated where it needs to be and how it is getting there throughout the show.